Make the most of your device investment.

Application Specialists are experienced imaging professionals who help practices to improve the image quality, use of the imaging device and overall efficiency of the imaging workflow.

Typically the application training covers;

  • checking the current status of the system
    • overall condition of the equipment and its accessories
    • image viewing conditions
    • map possible update or upgrade needs
    • manuals and instructions available to the staff
  • educating the staff how to use the device and image handling software
    • take advantage of all imaging programs that the device offers
    • imaging parameters
    • how to take good quality images
    • hands-on practice
  • tips and hints how to streamline the imaging workflow
  • what are the proper maintenance protocols

The final program depends on what type of machine the practice has (2D, CBCT) and how many people attend the training. Each training is tailor-made to meet the needs of the customer. General education about imaging techniques can be added to the program if needed.