Does your facility meet the regulatory and legislative requirements?

Map and manage essential laws and obligations concerning healthcare operations and medical devices. Imaqen can assist your facility to prepare a status report of current pivotal laws, regulations and directives.

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Imaqen MD i-Assistance can help you to meet the regulatory requirements

Imaqen MD i-Assistance is a service aimed at healthcare providers. It investigates the legal requirements governing the facility, the current state of implementation of the legal requirements and relevant laws, preparing a report of possible deficiencies and developing the necessary instructions for corrective actions. Legal services, and assistance for service contracts and contracts assisting may be included in the service package.

Your facility has regulatory and legal obligations regarding;

  • handling of patient Information
  • electronic prescriptions
  • Medical Device directive
  • patient safety and in-house quality control
  • investigation of accidents and incidents

Start now to make sure your facility complies with all regulatory requirements!