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Imaqen Ltd. is the authorised distributor in Finland for RTI quality assurance solutions.

Area of usage

Intraoral – Panoramic – Computed Tomography – Cone Beam CT – Mammography – Radiography & Fluoroscopy – Scatter and Leakage

Measuring needs

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Complete QA

Deep Analysis

Advanced X-ray Measurements Should be Easy

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Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography is an area that has grown exponentially during the past years. Since CT is a very fast and efficient alternative for examinations, its applications are increasing. The rapid advancements in CT technology are placing new demands on methods and equipment used for quality assurance. The RTI Solution for CT QA was developed to solve this problem.


RTI Black Piranha


Radiography & Fluoroscopy

With the RTI Solution for Radiography & Fluoroscopy a quick and accurate Quality Control can be performed. Focus has been efficiency, flexibility and accuracy for the users.


Your Quality Control and Service of the mammography systems must be done in a accurate, quick and efficient way. To make sure that the dose and other parameters are within acceptance limits and to ensure that the hospital do not have any down time on the X-ray systems RTI provides you with efficient solutions for this area.